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The website of Brian Green, CHT, CDS. Certified Hypnotherapist.

"Feel Better, do better." All Issues, including family and couple´s issues. Former Senior Staff Therapist, Hypnosis Institute, Glendale. (Gil Boyne).

Former & current member, many major Hypnotist Professional Organizations. Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, (Mission College). Worked as Dual Diagnosis Counselor, Case Manager, Discharge Planner, Psychiatric Hospitals and Rehabs etc. 12 Step counseling.

Sessions in the Greater Los Angeles area. In private practice thirteen years, providing hypnotherapy and addiction services. (2009). Warm, caring, professional and confidential. Power to solve your problems.. "If it can be done, I´m one of the guys that can do it."

Free 15 minute phone consult.

Author of, "Mind-mending for Mind-bending, Wizard Ways With Words." Vol 1, (so far) of ´The Alchemy of Consciousness.´ Potent hypnosis audio products, (available by mail). Presentations and Workshops given for hypnosis groups on Hypno-linguistics or Addictions. Books and audio/video tapes for the hypnosis practitioner. Articles, information and resource links for hypnosis, hypnotherapy and addictions, including an International Registry of hypnotists.

Website  : http://www.mindmagic123.com


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