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Relief from pain, improved mobility, complete body function improvement.
Bowenwork is a very mild bodywork that activates the bodies built in healing abilities. These abilities work to correct the cause of the problems you have. Results can begin almost immediately in many cases especially if problem has appeared recently, & long-term problems may take longer to complete recovery, especially for chronic problems but once completed it is usually long-lasting. If some results are evident after 2 or 3 sessions it indicates the body can make more improvement with more sessions.
A simple explanation of how the above is accomplished can be illustrated by a comparison to a contractor hired to return an old building to the original status. If the original blueprint is available then the contractor knows what needs to be done. Our brain basically has an original blueprint of how our body should be, but due to the problems presented during our life it often reprograms and accepts those situations that arise such as pain, immobility, stress and misalignments. An Explanation of how the Bowenwork helps the body to return to the normal of the original blueprint is below.
The Session:
Bowenwork is applied through light clothing so you do not have to remove your clothing. The moves that are made are light involving only enough pressure to activate the nerve in the area. After a group of moves (procedure) the practitioner will usually leave the room for 2 minutes or more to allow the nervous system to carry the message to the brain which then checks the area out & compares what it finds in that area to the original blueprint. If it needs to be changed to match the blueprint then the brain begins activating the healing process in the body to correct the problem. We usually recommend that if your problem has existed for a period of time that you take at least 3 sessions before either of us decide whether or not the Bowenwork is helpin .....

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