Orlando Recovery Center

Drug and alcohol addiction rehab facility in Orlando, FL.

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Drug and alcohol addiction rehab facility in Orlando, FL.
Orlando Recovery Center
6000 Lake Ellenor Dr,  
Orlando, FL 32809 Email
United States Website
Phone : (407) 613-5558 Map
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  h 1496-1805    


We offer specialized, patient-centered treatment to men and women ages 18 and older. As a dedicated addiction treatment center in Orlando, Florida, we provide inpatient services for patients who want to take the first steps toward health and wellness. We believe quality care and experienced professional set us apart from other rehabilitation centers. Before entering Orlando Recovery Center, our patients are carefully assessed and evaluated by our treatment team to determine the best approach to care. Our specialized treatment plans address not only the medical aspects of recovery, but also our patients´ psychosocial needs. Our objective is to empower our patients on their path to wellness, and also connect them with the resources they need to create rewarding, meaningful lives in their communities.

Website  : http://www.orlandorecovery.com/
Weblink 2: http://plus.google.com/110907379221934563335
Weblink 3: http://twitter.com/orlandorecovery


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