Jan White, LFIBA, RMT, D.D.

Holistic Counseling, REIKI and Workshops

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Holistic Counseling, REIKI and Workshops
Jan White, LFIBA, RMT, D.D.
89 Amberfield Lane,  
Danville, CA 94506 Email
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Phone : 509-230-1964 Map
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Change affects each of us differently...
My counseling assists those going through Change and their healing process; who are stressed, frustrated, fearful and anxious about what their life has become or the uncertainty they are now experiencing. Rediscover Who You Really Are!
REIKI sessions available as well as workshops in: Mastering Change, Understanding and Using
Healing Energy,Michael System: How to More
Easily Relate to Each Other, Stress Reduction and Management,How to Use Your Creative and
Intuitive Energy. Specializing in mind/body/spirit counseling to help you become more empowered and optimize your personal and professional life.

Website  : http://htt://www.artistryofchange.net


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