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Equine Assisted Emotional Healing that is different!

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Equine Assisted Emotional Healing that is different!
Touched By A Horse
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Melisa Pearce, CEO of Touched By A Horseâ', located near Boulder, Colorado is a lifelong horsewoman and entrepreneur. Melisa was chosen one of the Top 50 Most Influential Horsewomen by Horse South Magazine in 2008 and she has won two World Championship American Paint Horse Association awards. She has bred over 150 foals, owned and managed her ranches while developing her expertise as a trained psychotherapist. Through her therapy work with clients on her ranches, Melisa discovered her clients became more grounded and secure when working with horses. This inspired her to expose a wide range of people to the beauty and wonder of horses through experiential workshops and retreats.

Through her twenty years of working horses and humans together in a therapeutic way, Melisa has found that horses teach people much from being in the present moment. Because horses become frustrated when given mixed signals, the exercises give the person increased clarity and focus and shows them how to get better results with horses. Melisa shows that shifting a personÂ's approach has immediate payoffs with both horses and human interactions. Her exercises further demonstrate that a person who is willing to refine their focus, will ultimately experience more success in achieving their goals.

Melisa is a master communicator. Her success in translating human behavior through observation and interaction with horses has made her a highly effective motivational speaker, be it in an arena, auditorium, personal retreat setting, business or sales team meeting.

Melisa shares her expert knowledge of equine supported coaching and the power of emotional healing through partnering with horses. She exhibits this through crowd pleasing live horse/human demonstrations, seminars and keynote presentations across the country. She has been a clinician at the Equine Affaire in Ohio and Pomona, California, the Equine Extravaganza in Virginia and North Carolina, and many other venues. Her work has been feature

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