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Counseling - Bereavement,  Counseling - Relationship,  Stress Management

I am a body-centered psychotherapist, passionate about helping people reconnect with their inner wisdom and joy. I work with individuals and couples to help them be grounded in their bodies so that they can re-connect with their inner
vitality and joy. I recognize that each of us is wonderfully unique - with our own individual life story, our own physical and emotional memories and habits, and our own unique desires.

I offer many ways of helping people

RUBENFELD SYNERGY METHOD - touch and talk combined
EMDR - an effective way to heal trauma

The Rubenfeld Synergy® Method is a powerful system that can help you develop awareness of feelings and beliefs stored in your body - which often control how you feel and behave in the present.
The use of talk therapy and gentle touch distinguishes the Rubenfeld Synergy Method from most other body/mind therapies. Touch heightens physical and emotional awareness and provides an additional and valuable form of communication between therapist and client.
Rubenfeld Synergy offers a way to:
- Handle stress more easily
- Listen to your gut feelings
- Find balance in your body and life
- Recover from physical and emotional trauma
- Find your voice and speak your truth
- Deal with pain
- Reconnect with your authentic joy

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