Davina's LIght Work

Traditional Psychotherapy and Holistic Healing

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Traditional Psychotherapy and Holistic Healing
Davina's LIght Work
Sw 83rd Terrace,  
Davie, FL 33324 Email
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Phone : 305 761-1024 Cell Map
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All forms of Healing, traditional and holistic, incluing Shamanism, Hypnosis/Regression,Crystal Healing, Reiki,Bio energetic healing, Traditional counseling and therapy, Nutritional Therapy, DNA Reconnection and much more.
22 Years of experience, licensed, and certified clinical psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Reverend, Nutrition and Natural Healing,and many other certifications.
Also copper pyramids and copper healing wands custome made for you by me.

All ages, live, phone or email sessions.

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